DURA Automotive
DURA is a global automotive supplier with locations in 15 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. We've been working with DURA since 2011 empowering all their marketing solutions and initiatives.
Global Brand Strategy, Product Branding (identity + voice), Product Development, Product Visualization, Autonomous Platform Branding & Promotions, EV Battery Tray Branding and Platform
Shanghai Motor Show, CES Consumer Electronics Show, CES Asia Show, Frankfurt Motor Show, Paris Motor Show, Intranet Site Development with SharePoint Interface, Website Development, Video Production, Facility Branding, International OEM Technology Showcases: BMW (Germany + S. Carolina), Toyota (Japan + Michigan), Honda (Japan + Ohio), JLR (United Kingdom) , Daimler (Germany), Ford (Germany + Dearborn), Hyundai (Michigan),  General Motors, FCA (Italy + Detroit), Silicon Valley
Executive Outreach, Board of Directors Communications, New Business Technical Presentations, Award Management, Production Operating System Branding and Training Program, HROS Branding and Leadership Training Program, Five Pillar Technology Roadmap Branding, Employee Communications